RBRPro does not require the installation of the original game. It is completely standalone.
Nowadays NGP (Next Generation Physics) 7 is the de facto standard for RBR Physics and RBRPro use it. All updates to NGP and to the cars developed for this physics are also released by RBRPro. Yes, this means that all modern mods of RBR share the same physics. A different feel between a mod and another does not depend on physics but on different settings, since there are many parameters that can modify the force feedback, including the car setup.
We can support you through our facebook group or our Discord Channel. You will find the links in the manager.
The participation in our championship is reserved for donors. You will find further details in our Championship guide.
To unlock the full features you have to register and become a donor. It all can be done from within the manager. It's very easy!
If you don't remember your nickname or driver Id, use the Profile Recovery feature on this website. You can use your nickname or email to recover your account.
This is because what you download is essentially the basic game and a mod manager: this is just a small part of the whole mod. All the contents will be downloaded and installed by the manager. The entire installation will require more that 100GB of free disk space.
This depends on the contents you want to install. A full installation of all cars, all stages and a codriver requires approximately 140GB. But new contents are released very often and the space needed will grow for sure. We recommend you to dedicate a separate NVMe or SSD unit to the mod.
We don't need to publish our calendar on the website since we already have a manager and a mobile app for this. Differently from other mods, our calendar is interactive. This means that you can click on the event you want to enter and you are ready to go!