Richard Burns Rally

Richard Burns Rally is an old game from 2004 but still today acclaimed as the best rally simulator ever. During more than 15 years of history this glorious simulator evolved thanks to the work of many modders. They worked at improving every possible aspect of the original game developing an enhanced game physics, adding new cars, new stages, new co-drivers, new audio, new plugins. Today, RBR has many plugins allowing to play it online and an uncountable number of "mods".

So, what is RBRPro?

The project was born in mid 2019 with a precise idea in mind: to take the best RBR mods, combine them with the best online and improve the overall game experience, giving everyone a really easy way to access the game, without having to get crazy with configurations and installations. In our first 2 years of business we used online Czech as a basis. In the meantime we have developed our own online features and have improved all aspects of the game with a focus on graphics and realism of the gameplay. Now we have a plugin and an online and calendar full of events created by managers from all over the world. We have paved the way for all modern versions of RBR by introducing innovations such as the use of headlights even during the day, the adaptation of the steering width to the car and the uploading of replays in real time. RBRPro wants to be the state-of-the-art of the RBR modding available today. The mod counts today on a widespread user base in 50+ countries of the world, thanks to its massive multilanguage support (the user interface supports 10 languages with co-drivers in 17+ languages). We are continuously at work to improve the mod, fixing bugs and adding new features.

Special advantages for donors.

We offer special contents to our donors as a reward for their support. Liveries, co-drivers, engine sounds, car setups and even special stages. Becoming a donor means having the chance to get really the best from the RBR game experience without any effort!

Join a community of 3000+ players who want only the best of RBR!