Rally From-To Notes
1st Pro Cup 2020  11/01/2020 22:59-13/01/2020 23:59Quad Stars! Donators only
Arctic Lapland Rally  17/01/2020 00:00-22/01/2020 23:59Categories: R2, R4, R5, WRC+. Normal points! Free access
Rally Monte-Carlo  01/02/2020 22:00-08/02/2020 22:00
1st Fiat 126 Rally Show  11/02/2020 23:59-16/02/2020 23:59A funny historical rally show with the most powerful car in RBR! The Fiat 126 :)
Rally Sweden  22/02/2020 21:00-29/02/2020 21:00Weather conditions are not very normal this year. Lack of snow caused the cancellation of many stages and some are gravel stages, but snow tires are mandatory throughout the rally. Pay attention to your setup if you want to end the rally alive!
2nd Pro Cup 2020  07/03/2020 23:00-12/03/2020 22:59Quad Stars! Donators only
43° Rally del Ciocco  17/03/2020 20:00-24/03/2020 20:00The rally has been canceled and restarted due to errors in the legs duration! We excuse for the inconvenience.
Rally Mexico  23/03/2020 22:59-29/03/2020 23:00This year Mexico is divided into two distinct rallies: Day 1 and Day 2
Azores Rally  06/04/2020 22:59-13/04/2020 22:59
44° Rally 1000 Miglia  18/04/2020 20:00-24/04/2020 22:59The italian championship event Rally 1000 Miglia will be open to non italian pilots but only italian pilots will take points
3rd Pro Cup 2020  02/05/2020 21:59-07/05/2020 21:59Donators Only. Quad Stars
104^ Targa Florio  09/05/2020 21:59-16/05/2020 21:59IMPORTANT: Please update the Rally School Tarmac stage before entering the 2nd leg!
Rally Argentina  20/05/2020 21:59-27/05/2020 21:59The event has been recreated with a different name. ATTENTION: Remove the bookmark to the old one and don't forget to install the "Pacenotes fix" option pack. We excuse again for the inconvenience.
Sourkov recce24/05/2020 00:00-30/05/2020 21:59Free recce for the Sourkov stage
Rally Islas Canarias  29/05/2020 21:59-04/06/2020 21:59
Sumburk 2007 recce31/05/2020 13:30-04/06/2020 21:59Free race for Sumburk 2007
Rally Portugal  06/06/2020 21:59-13/06/2020 21:59Graphics forced to low using VR during Legs 1 and 2 due to FPS drops
Lernovec recce06/06/2020 13:59-09/06/2020 21:59Free recce for the Lernovec stage
Rally Liepāja  15/06/2020 21:59-22/06/2020 21:59
Rally Italy  02/07/2020 21:59-09/07/2020 21:59New roadbook by Rising Star Motorsport. The previous rally has been canceled. We excuse for the inconvenience
Jirkovicky II recce02/07/2020 10:30-08/07/2020 21:59Free recce on Jirkovicky 2
4th Pro Cup 2020  12/07/2020 21:59-18/07/2020 21:59Donators Only. Quad Stars
Snekovice Recce21/07/2020 15:00-28/07/2020 21:59Free recce on Snekovice
77th Rally Poland  23/07/2020 21:59-30/07/2020 21:59This event is organized by Petrolheads of Latvia
Rally Kenya  06/08/2020 21:59-13/08/2020 21:59Please update the Junior Wheels II stage before to start or you will get an error message when entering the rally.
Jirkovicky Free Practice10/08/2020 10:30-13/08/2020 21:59Free recce on Jirkovicky
Rally di Roma Capitale  20/08/2020 21:59-27/08/2020 21:59This rally is valid for the ERC championship and the CIR championship
Neste Rally Finland 2020  29/08/2020 21:59-06/09/2020 03:00The stage "Humalamaki reversed" and the Finland Textures Option pack need to be updated before entering the second leg
Hroudovany recce29/08/2020 16:00-04/09/2020 21:59Free recce for the Hroudovany stage
Barum Czech Rally Zlín  08/09/2020 21:59-15/09/2020 21:59This year, the first leg is by Night and you have only two days to complete it!. Good Luck!!!
Rally New Zealand  20/09/2020 21:59-27/09/2020 21:59Rally organised by Rising Star Motorsport
Jirkovicky-Sourkov Recce20/09/2020 16:00-26/09/2020 21:59Free recce for the Jirkovicky and Sourkov stages
Rally Turkey  01/10/2020 22:00-08/10/2020 22:00Organized by PetrolHeads of Latvia
Historic RWD rally - Putkiralli international10/10/2020 22:00-17/10/2020 22:00A technical problem occurred on the Leg1. Please continue with the Day2
Historic RWD rally - Putkiralli international Day 210/10/2020 22:00-17/10/2020 22:00A short HISTORIC RWD car rally in "Finland". Continue here!
67° Rallye Sanremo  12/10/2020 21:59-18/10/2020 21:59Race valid for the Italian Rally Championship. Cars allowed R5, R4, R3, R2, Gr.A.
Cyprus Rally  22/10/2020 21:59-28/10/2020 21:59Delayed by one day due to technical issues. We excuse for the inconvenience
Cyprus Rally - Uzkotin/Sourkov Recce20/10/2020 21:59-26/10/2020 21:59Organized by Rising Start Motorsport
Historic - tykkiralli international30/10/2020 23:00-06/11/2020 23:00categories: grpB (lada vfts & Skoda 130LR) / Grp4 (ford escort mk2 & opel ascona 400) / grp2/A (trabant & wartburg)
ADAC Rallye Deutschland  01/11/2020 22:59-08/11/2020 22:59
38° Rally 2 Valli11/11/2020 22:59-17/11/2020 22:59Race valid for the Italian Rally Championship.
Audi Sport Challenge18/11/2020 23:00-25/11/2020 23:00challenge on tarmac with long distances between tire changes. who can save the tires but be fast too?!
Sumburk 2007 recce21/11/2020 12:00-26/11/2020 22:59Free recce for the Sumburk 2007 stage
WALES RALLY GB21/11/2020 22:59-28/11/2020 22:59The roadbook has been updated!
Rally Hungary30/11/2020 22:59-07/12/2020 22:59
11° Tuscan Rewind10/12/2020 22:59-17/12/2020 22:59
Rally Japan27/12/2020 22:59-03/01/2021 22:59